Introducing Far Homes’ GPT Assistant & 5 Other Custom GPTs for International Real Estate

The real estate industry is witnessing a second digital revolution, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) leading the charge. AI tools are going to transform the way we buy, sell, and manage property, particularly in the international real estate market. These technologies offer unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and automation, making them increasingly indispensable for modern real estate transactions.

While we believe humans will always be at the center of a real estate transaction, AI can assist buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in ways that will help make the home buying process smoother for everyone. Below is a list of Real Estate GPT tools that offer a glimpse of what’s to come.

Far Homes’ International Real Estate Assistant (Mexico)

At Far Homes, we’re already using these kinds of tools to help generate content, optimize our internal processes and improve the customer experience. This month, OpenAI announced Custom GPTs, which allows Plus users to create and share their own, individually trained GPT. Combined with proprietary data and the expertise of our network of real estate professionals, Far Homes has created its own International Real Estate Assistant for the Mexico market, the first of its kind.


Far Homes’ International Real Estate Assistant (Mexico)

Buying real estate in a new country can be complex but Far Homes aims to simplify that process. We’re experimenting with AI and OpenAI’s new custom GPTs, because we know agents, buyers and sellers need tools that access huge pools of information quickly and accurately. AI is poised to reinvent the idea of a digital assistant. We’ve used public and proprietary data to create the world’s first GPT with a focus on international real estate in Mexico:

You can ask the Far Homes Assistant about any of the following (and more!):

  • The buying process
  • Real estate prices in Mexico
  • Mortgage rates
  • How to find an agent in Mexico
  • Cost of living in Mexico
  • Lifestyle in Mexico
  • Weather in Mexico
  • Current news in Mexico
  • Maps of Mexico
  • And much more!

Give it a try now (must be a ChatGPT Plus user). Below are more handy real estate GPTs that we’ve taken for a spin. You may have to use multiple prompts and clarifying statements to get the answers you’re looking for with any of these GPTs (including ours!) so keep experimenting and always ask for help from a real human at Far Homes if you have questions about Mexico real estate.

5 Additional Custom GPTs for International Real Estate

Land Scout
by Paul L Aherne Miller

Land Scout focuses on plots of property for sale around the world. We asked it to find a few near Puerto Vallarta by the beach under $250K USD and it provided an array of good options! With a focus on land that’s available for sale, this GPT might be perfectly specialized for your real estate search.


by Ruggero Cipriani Foresio

Voyager caters to those interested in personalized trip planning. Our query about the cost of a trip to Puerto Vallarta broke down all the relevant cost numbers for us (see below). It can help you plan a trip financially or decide where to go in the first place!

Expat AI
by Christina K

Aimed at expatriates, Expat AI was helpful in understanding the nuances of international relocation. When we asked about the best cities for expats in Mexico, it not only listed cities but also provided insights into the cost of living, expat communities, and local culture, essential information for anyone considering an overseas move. If you’re looking for quick answers on culture and lifestyles in other countries, this GPT might be for you.


Global Explorer

Global Explorer is similar to the Voyager Custom GPT and is also focused on lifestyle and cultural elements in countries around the world. It had an informative answer to our query about hidden gems in Mexico City! Ask for specific addresses or directions and Global Explorer can pull that up for you as well.


Move Planner
by Paul M Martin

Perfect for planning relocations, Move Planner can also browse the web and find moving companies to contact or other services to help get your stuff from one country to another. Our question about moving to Mexico with pets was answered with some interesting advice. You can also ask it questions about visas and international travel to find out what you’ll need to gather in terms of paperwork beforehand.

As AI tools and technology continue to evolve, we are likely to see an even greater variety of virtual assistants that can help people navigate the complexities of international real estate. You should use caution when conversing with AI as they sometimes hallucinate or are otherwise inaccurate. We’ve instructed our Far Homes Assistant to call or contact us if you have questions that can’t be answered accurately.

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