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Your visit to the magic number 7-shaped island left you with a gaping hole in your heart. The gripping notion of having a sliver of Cancun to call your own is the only thing that can fulfil you now.

“Should I see a therapist…or a real estate agent?” Knowing full well that your future self is already expediting the next step in making that dream a reality.

Cancun has transformed into a tourism corridor lined with picture-perfect seafront properties. As more vacationers fall under Cancun’s seductive spell, its blossoming real estate market grows into a lucrative business for real estate agents, legitimate and fake.

To help you avoid entering a lucky draw and make an educated choice instead, here is everything you need to know about finding a reliable real estate agent in Cancun.

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Tell-tale Signs of a Reliable Real Estate Agent in Cancun

As you begin your search, whether you are in Mexico or outside, use this checklist of things to look for in a real estate agent in Cancun.

  • Local professional
  • Understands the laws of dealing with real estate in Mexico
  • Certified with a regional realtor association such as AMPI (Mexico Real Estate Association) which requires its members to operate according to the Code of Ethics.
  • Able to provide an extensive portfolio containing previously sold properties
  • Bilingual
  • Knowledgeable of the area
  • Responsive and committed
  • Can provide testimonials

Pick a local professional situated in Cancun. Mexican real estate market and laws are intricate and any expertise a real estate agent may have acquired in another country is irrelevant in Mexico. Sound knowledge and understanding of local laws are crucial to navigating the tricky waters of negotiations, and contracts, and avoiding such situations as the purchase of ejido land – communal land ownership which can be invalidated by the Mexican court.

A tenured real estate agent, with many years of experience under their belt, should know the city inside and out. This will save you a lot of time and effort in figuring out which of the vastly diverse neighborhoods in Cancun is right for you. The agent should also advise on any planned future developments that will obstruct your precious sea view. And if you are investing in property, their knowledge of trends and market projections should give you confidence in your choice.

The agent’s transparency and responsiveness will help you gauge their attitude and how committed they will be to placing your interests first. A full-time agent will make themselves available to inspect properties on your behalf even on weekends, whereas part-time agents may not offer the same level of flexibility. And whether you have a great distance separating you or not, their language fluency will play a big role in communicating your requirements, and when it comes to negotiations and translation of documents.

So, before you finalize your decision, make sure to ask as many questions as needed, do your own research to be able to confirm their technical knowledge, and check their portfolio and testimonials. It’s a lengthy process that you will need to carry out with each agent you interview, but will go a long way in ensuring you are the right fit for each other.

Far Homes can put you in touch with agents all along the Riviera Maya including in Akumal and Tulum. We’re expanding to new areas rapidly so contact us below.

Where to Find a Cancun Real Estate Agent Online

A Reputable Real Estate Agency

Because real estate agents in Mexico are not tightly regulated, an unspoken rule is implied when searching for a reliable real estate agent in Cancun: trust but verify. All of the additional double and triple checking can be very time-consuming and may seem intimidating. But going through a real estate agency takes away that hassle.

An established real estate agency matches you with one of their pre-vetted agents, who has been tried and tested time and time again. Thereby, giving you peace of mind, setting you up with trustworthy local experts, and giving you access to their extensive property portfolio. You can rest assured that your needs are prioritized. At the same time, you dedicate your energy to finding the perfect property instead of spending it on looking for a reliable agent.

Look within Your Network

Start looking within your immediate network. Perhaps a real estate agent passed the reliability test with flying colors while helping one of your friends or family members find their dream vacation home or a colleague to successfully invest in real estate in Cancun.

Online Forums and Mexico Expats Groups

If your close network is a dead end, turn to the internet for advice on online forums, blogs, and Facebook expat groups. You will still have to verify the recommendations and conduct interviews to find a qualified agent you are compatible with and who is capable of securing the property you envision.

If you want to skip to the good part, our Far Homes bilingual professionals are here to walk you through the process, answer your questions and do all the search on your behalf, with no obligation or commitment. Not only will we match you with the real estate agent you’ve been searching for, but they will double up as your therapist and provide expert advice and prudent insight when you are in the throes of decision-making.

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