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Quintanilla & Sinestesia Arquitectos

Quintanilla Architects is a construction and architectural projects company with over 40 years of experience specializing in the construction of luxury residential works and the development of vertical housing projects. It is also involved in interior design and is a member of the USGBG (United States Green Building Council). Sinestesia-Architecture, on the other hand, is an architecture company founded in 2014 by Architect Rodrigo Luna, who has extensive experience in the architectural field and has developed and built projects for various museums in Mexico. Currently, it is working on the Espacio Arquitectura y Diseño CDMX project and the Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Museum and Silvia Gruner house/study in Morelos. Together, these companies are offering high quality and sustainable architectural solutions in various projects in Mexico.


Founded 2009
Employees 2

Locations Served

Playa Del Carmen

Development Stats

Completed 11
In Progress 1
Units Sold 1000+

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  1. Mexico
  2. Quintana Roo
  3. Tulum
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