Mexico Destinations with Solid Wifi & Reliable Internet

What are the best destinations in Mexico with reliable Wifi?! Oh, isn’t that the million peso question every digital nomad, remote worker, and entrepreneur is asking!

In recent years, Mexico has exploded in popularity among the remote working tribe. Completely enamored with beautiful beaches, rich culture, scrumptious food, the great outdoors, and community, they look for ways to take root. But they’ve faced one major deal breaker: the nightmarish internet connection.

So, to help you narrow down your options and avoid the unnecessary hassle of embarking on a daily Wifi treasure hunt, here are top destinations in Mexico with solid Wifi and internet connection. And if you don’t fall into the remote worker category, you’ll thank yourself for reading to the end when you’ll be watching Netflix uninterrupted in your new Mexico home.

Unfortunately, this is where we have to part ways with our beloved boho-chic Tulum and surfer paradise in Puerto Escondido and Sayulita. Though the internet speeds are slowly improving in these towns, the frequent power cuts that can sometimes last for hours can be an inconvenience. So, charming as they are, these destinations simply didn’t make the cut in the reliable internet category. Here are the destinations that did!

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Mexico Destinations with the Best Wifi


Cancun is the magic number seven-shaped beachfront strip of fun and a lively downtown located more inland. Living in Cancun is when your expectations of alternating clearing your to-do list with taking dips in the irresistible Caribbean sea become a reality. And you get to leave any Wifi concerns at the airport – the average internet speed in Cancun is 49.34 Mbps.

Most accommodations will come with pre-installed internet of even faster speeds, so you can split your time between working from home and choosing from over 20 coworking spaces in Cancun and even more cafes fit for working remotely.

Thanks to Cancun’s popularity, the city is ever expanding and developing, upgrading its facilities and welcoming new and exciting projects. See it as entertainment or work-distraction, but there are endless things to do in Cancun and infinite restaurants to indulge in. Having secured prime real estate on the Riviera Maya, the city offers jungle adventures, water sports, marine life exploration, cultural events, buzzing nightlife, and easy access to ancient ruins.

But while Cancun has outstanding infrastructure that will not let you miss the comforts of your home, many prefer the tranquil nature and smaller crowds of Playa del Carmen to the tourist overrun resorts and attractions of Cancun.

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Playa del Carmen

The former fishing village of Playa del Carmen is probably the most sought-after destination in Mexico by remote workers. Located on the iconic Riviera Maya, you get access to world-class Caribbean beaches, Mayan ruins, crystal clear cenotes, and an outgoing vibe just like Cancun, but in a calmer and more peaceful setting. If Cancun is for vacations and living at a faster pace, Playa del Carmen is for slowing down. But that does not apply to the city’s excellent Wifi, averaging 42.52 Mbps.

The city is constantly growing, with new neighborhoods snaking further out of the downtown to more tranquil parts of the city. There are plenty of modern malls, large grocery stores, and hospitals. The latest facilities mean that you won’t have to be chasing down fast Wifi speeds. The thriving expat and digital nomad community in Playa del Carmen are supplied with a stable and reliable working environment, whether at home or at the multitude of cafes peppered throughout the city. So, if you’ve dreamed of having a work-from-home sanctuary with the possibility to mix it up at hip cafes occasionally, Playa del Carmen is the spot for you.

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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the travel hub and popular vacation destination. You can expect it to have all the amenities you may desire, including a stable internet connection. The continually expanding and developing city, alongside a stunning coast, offers the perfect mix of beachside and city living. Puerto Vallarta is built on luscious mountain slopes, so pick a property that guarantees sweeping views of the ocean as you work. And you won’t have to compromise on the comforts you are used to thanks to the stable infrastructure. There are plenty of activities and things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will keep you occupied and entertained in your free time. Whether you enjoy hiking, whale watching, surfing, or snorkeling, Puerto Vallarta has got it all. And the city boasts a plethora of dining venues to satisfy every taste and budget.

Accommodations usually come with pre-installed internet, but coworking spaces and cafes suitable for working remotely are abundant in the city. You can expect the average speed to be around 47.52 Mbps. There is a strong remote working and expat community established in Puerto Vallarta so you will be surrounded by like-minded people, who will always point you to the best Wifi source in town should you need recommendations.

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Cabo San Lucas

If you are looking for a place that will feel closer to home in terms of amenities and living standards and devoid of the language barrier but still ensure you are surrounded by stunning beachfront scenery and immersed in Mexican culture, Cabo San Lucas is that golden middle.

The city is incredibly developed, and there are many things to do, so in between taking advantage of the wonderful internet connection that averages 44.28 Mbps, you can live a balanced lifestyle. There is an activity for everyone: from sampling different cuisines to embarking on incredible hikes, standup paddle boarding to rock formations or surfing, meeting the strong expat community, and participating in local events. It is easy to get around and meet people, so you will feel at home in no time.

Whether one of these top internet destinations in Mexico captured your heart, or if you seek advice on another destination in Mexico, drop us a message below. Our Far Homes’ professionals will walk you through your options tailored to your needs and answer all of your questions with no obligation or commitment!

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