Affiliate Agent Referral Program

Welcome to Far Homes Affiliate Agent program! Far Homes makes it easy for buyers from the US and Canada to purchase homes in Mexico, and now we’re making it easy for you, as a real estate agent in the US or Canada, to get paid when you refer clients to us.

The combination of warm weather, and lower prices make Mexico an extremely popular destination for foreign buyers who are looking for a winter home, a place to retire, or an investment property. But the process for buying property as a foreigner isn’t the same as buying a home in the US or Canada, and trying to purchase a home without experienced local partners can make the process risky and painful.

We’re here to help! We’ll get your client the support they need, and pay you a 30% referral bonus if they close on a home or put down a pre-construction deposit within 12 months of the referral.

Why refer my clients?

  1. Take Care of Your Clients: you can rest easy knowing you’ve handed your client to an expert who can help make sure the buying process goes smoothly.
  2. It’s Quick & Easy: After you’ve talked to your client, all you have to do is fill out a brief form and have a quick conversation with one of our Support Agents to ensure the hand-off is smooth. That’s it!
  3. You Get Paid: You’ve developed a relationship with your client, which took time and investment. We recognize that hard work and pay you a portion of our commission when they close.
  4. No Risk to Your Client List: We don’t operate in the US and Canada so there’s no risk we’re going to try to represent your client in your area. Our only goal is to help them with a Mexico purchase, but otherwise allow you to keep your relationship intact for sales or purchases in the area you service.

Who can buy in Mexico?

US and Canadian citizens can purchase property in Mexico, but there are a few things to know.

  1. Mexico is largely a cash economy and real estate is no different – loan products for foreigners are limited, and require large down-payments, or have high rates. It’s a good rule of thumb for a buyer to be ready to put down at least $85,000 in cash to be able to buy in Mexico. Most people will need more to secure the home they want.

  2. Mexico is lower cost, but it’s rare to find homes under $100,000. While there are sometimes lots, or rural homes that are lower priced, there is often a catch for why the price is so low. Customers with budgets over $100,000 will be more successful purchasing.

What happens once I submit a referral?

First we’ll call you to get any notes and make sure your client has given you permission to share their information. Then we’ll take it from there! We’ll call your client to get them started on the process and guide them through with our local partners in Mexico.

We will provide monthly updates on your client’s progress, and pay you 30% of the commission we receive. Because we work with local partners in Mexico, and because commissions in Mexico are highly variable, affiliate payouts usually start around 0.25%, and usually max-out around 0.6%, though in some rare cases they may be higher. On a $250,000 home that’s anywhere from $550 to $1,500.

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This program is only open to licensed agents who are active with an MLS in the United States or Canada. We will review your information and respond within three business days. Since we’re currently testing this program, space is limited! If the program is full you’ll be put on our waitlist.

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