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Our Principles for How We Work Together


Be A Good Neighbor
We’re one community working toward the same cause, so we assume best intent, and talk through issues directly and respectfully.

Come As You Are
We believe it’s the unique experiences, diverse backgrounds, and different ways of thinking that make a great team. And we know everyone does better work when they can show up as their true self. It’s not your job to morph in order to fit in, it’s our collective job to work to understand each other as we are.

Focus On What Really Matters
There will always be an infinite number of things to do, but only a few that really matter. Prioritize ruthlessly, and make sure you’re spending a majority of your time on those important projects.

Keep It Simple
In our experience the best solution for the customer, our team, and the business is usually the simplest. Complexity doesn’t impress us–we value delivering exceptional results efficiently.

Find Balance
We’re venture backed and as ambitious as any company out there, but we don’t glorify long hours and “hustle culture.” We believe that balance and leading fulfilling lives outside of work are crucial for creating the best work.

Our Culture

We are a remote-first, four day work-week company which means we have to go the extra mile to build culture, promote collaboration, and be efficient.

We launched in July of 2022 so we’re still early in our journey, but we’ve already established a couple of tools and traditions to help us become world-class.

Teamflow, our virtual office We see each other every day on Teamflow, our virtual office, which helps us stay connected and communicate efficiently. Even the introverts on our team are virtual office evangelists because it helps us avoid a meeting-heavy culture.

In-person summits Our whole team meets in-person every six weeks. Our virtual office gets us 90% of the way there, but there’s no substitute for just sitting next to someone for a day and getting to know them. Most summits are held in Seattle, WA.


  • Four day work-week
  • No commute! Remote-first
  • Equity in an early-stage company
  • Health, dental and vision insurance, fully funded for employees, 50% funded for dependents
  • Unlimited sick-leave
  • Generous vacation-leave and holiday

Open Roles

No open roles at this time. 

If you’re excited about working for Far Homes, but don’t see a role that fits your experience, send us your resume. You may be the perfect person for an upcoming role!

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