Americans & Canadians in Mexico Report Higher Satisfaction with Healthcare than at Home

Key Data Points:

  • 1.2 Million Americans visit Mexico each year for “medical tourism,” drawn by lower prices and highly-rated healthcare.
  • 96% of expats said they were satisfied with Mexico’s healthcare system. A stark comparison to the 72% of Americans and 48% of Canadians who say the same about their own system.
  • Canadians are also increasingly seeking care alternatives in Mexico due to long wait times at home, often exceeding 6 months for a referral.
  • Americans living in Mexico full time are saving over $8500 per year on healthcare costs.
  • Hospitals & doctors are viewed as high quality by expats in Mexico with 77% saying they are satisfied with their providers.

For many Americans, the rising cost and complex bureaucracy of healthcare paint a frustrating picture. But south of the border, a growing number of expats are discovering a different reality: accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare. It’s making Mexico a haven for medical tourism and why over a million Americans visit Mexico each year for procedures and cheaper drugs. Others are choosing to lock in that savings by moving to Mexico permanently. 

96% of Expats said they were satisfied with Mexico’s healthcare system

According to a recent survey of expats by Far Homes, healthcare played a significant role in the decision for 32% of expats to move to Mexico. This ranks as the fourth most common reason for relocation behind cost of living, weather and lifestyle, highlighting its importance for individuals seeking a more secure and cost-effective healthcare future.

An overwhelming 96% of expats expressed satisfaction with the healthcare system in Mexico. This is an increase of 15% since last year’s survey where just 84% of expats said the same. 

These findings stand in stark contrast to healthcare satisfaction in the US and Canada. In the US, only 72% are satisfied with their healthcare system, where concerns about affordability and access are widespread. Canada, often lauded for its universal healthcare, also falls short, with less than half of Canadians satisfied according to a recent CTV News survey.

Frustrated Canadians are also Seeking Care Alternatives in Mexico

Canadians are also seeking care alternatives in Mexico. While the country is often lauded for its nationalized healthcare system, wait times and bureaucratic red tape can frustrate Canadians. In December of 2023 the Fraser Institute released a report on wait times finding that physicians reported: “a median wait time of 27.7 weeks between a referral from a general practitioner and receipt of treatment.” That’s a 6 month wait, in some cases.

Moreover, CTV conducted a survey of Canadians and found that 48% of Canadians are dissatisfied with their healthcare system, overall. Compare that to the 96% of Canadian expats in Mexico we surveyed who said they were satisfied in their new country.

The government of Canada has even created a guide for those seeking medical treatment abroad.

Americans in Mexico are Saving Thousands on Healthcare Costs

The financial benefits of obtaining healthcare in Mexico are undeniable. A majority (56%) of expats pay less than $115 per month for healthcare, including medications with a notable 34% saying they pay less than $60.

But the financial benefits of Mexico’s healthcare system extend far beyond monthly costs. The average American in Mexico saves an average of $8,500 per year (per person) on healthcare. Many medical procedures such as blood work, x-rays and MRIs are less than half price in Mexico when compared to the US. This annual savings increases if more health services are used. This is because, according to, the average American spends $13,493 per year on healthcare.

Here are some common health services and medicines with their US and MX costs compared:

Treatment Type
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Routine Checkup
$12 to $15
Complete Blood Work
$50 to $80
$24 to $30
Prescription Drug
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Adderall (30 tablets)
Insulin (1 vial)
Lipitor (30 tablets)
Advair (30 inhalers)
Humira (1 pen)
Metformin (30 tablets)
Atorvastatin (30 tablets)
Ozempic/Wegovy (ppen)
Zoloft (30 tablets)
Norditropin (15mg)
Genotropin (12mg)
Dental Procedure
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Often Free
Root Canal
Full-Mouth Dentures
Dental Sedation
Tooth Extraction
Dental Implant
All On 4 Dental Implants
Full-Mouth Dental Bridge



Hospitals & Doctors Seen as High Quality by Expats in Mexico

It’s worth noting that most respondents (43%) had no hospital experience in Mexico, suggesting affordable preventative care might be playing a role. However, of those who did require hospitalization, 76% rated their experience as “Very Good” or “Excellent,” with only 2% reporting negative experiences. This is particularly encouraging considering the majority (95%) of respondents were over 55, who’d typically require more healthcare services.

This satisfaction extends to individual providers as well, with 77% rating their doctors as “Very Good” or “Excellent,” compared to only 1% reporting negative experiences.

Perhaps most importantly, in our survey, a majority of expats said they fell healthier overall in Mexico:

For many Americans and Canadians seeking affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare, Mexico presents a viable and increasingly attractive option. The combination of lower costs, positive experiences, and improved well-being reported by expats suggests that Mexico’s healthcare advantage is real, and its appeal is likely to continue growing.


Photo courtesy of Stefan Fadinger, General Hospital of Mexico in Mexico City, MX.

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