Mexico’s “Golden Visa”: Obtain Citizenship through Investment

Mexico’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and pleasant climate make it an attractive destination for people seeking to live or retire abroad. 

What is a “Golden Visa”?

‘Golden Visa’ is an unofficial term for citizenship granted to a foreigner through a substantial investment in their new country. This normally means full residency, a passport and all other civil rights offered in that country for the investor.  Some countries, including Mexico, offer dual citizenship for Americans and other foreign nationals so you’re able to enjoy both country’s benefits.

While Mexico doesn’t have a traditional “golden visa” program similar to Spain or Greece, it does offer various investment options, including a real estate purchase, that can lead to residency. Here is how to get the equivalent of “golden visa” in Mexico:

Eligibility for Mexican Citizenship

Before embarking on your journey to obtain residency in Mexico through investment, it’s crucial to determine your eligibility, as there are some caveats to consider when moving to a new country. Each visa type has specific requirements, and you must assess which one aligns with your financial situation and objectives. Read our in-depth guide to immigration in Mexico for more details.

There are two types of residency to consider:

  • Temporary Resident Visa: This visa is generally suited for individuals who want to stay longer than 180 days and demonstrate a stable source of income. This could include a short or longer term work trip (less than a year) but you can retain temporary residency for up to 4 years, with renewals. Learn more at
  • Permanent Resident Visa: For those looking for indefinite residency, this visa option requires you to meet specific financial criteria and take steps to finalize your citizenship over a few years’ time. An investment option below can lead to permanent Mexican citizenship. You can keep your American or Canadian citizenship as well as a ‘dual citizen’. Learn more at

Choose Your Investment Option

Mexico offers several investment pathways to qualify for a residency visa. You’ll need to invest a total of about $220,000 which can be split between investing in a Mexican company and the amount invested in real estate to reach that amount.

Real Estate Investment

Investing in Mexican real estate is a popular choice for obtaining residency. The specific investment requirements can vary depending on the region and local regulations. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Investment Amount: The investment amount can vary but is generally significant. It’s recommended to invest a minimum of $220,000 USD in Mexican real estate. This amount may differ in certain regions.
  • Property Type: The property you purchase must be for residential use, and the investment must be made with your own funds (no mortgages).
  • Location: Consider the location carefully as different regions in Mexico may have specific requirements.

Investment in a Mexican Company

Another way to qualify for residency is by investing in a Mexican company. You can combine this business investment with a real estate investment in Mexico to reach $220,000.

Investment of Savings in a Mexican Bank

If you have a certain amount of savings in a Mexican bank (over $220,000 USD), you can also qualify for the investment visa in Mexico. These numbers are combined with proven, official income sources such as social security or a pension to qualify for the Mexican investment visa.

Prepare Required Documents

Once you’ve selected your investment option, you’ll need to gather the necessary documents to support your residency application. While you wait for the Mexican consulate to respond to your application you should keep and prepare these documents and more:

Obtaining residency in Mexico through investment is an appealing prospect for those seeking a new chapter in their lives in this beautiful country of Mexico. While it’s not a traditional “golden visa” program, the various investment pathways offer a flexible and attractive means to secure your place in Mexico. However, remember that immigration policies and requirements change over time. 

For the most up-to-date information and guidance, consult with Mexican consulates, immigration attorneys, or experts well-versed in Mexican immigration laws. Read our guide to moving to Mexico and Mexican immigration for more details there, too.

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