One Million Americans Head South For Excellent Healthcare at Half the Cost

Key Data Points

  • More than one million Americans are flocking to Mexico for affordable dental care where prices are 50% lower, on average, routine medical care is affordable (75% lower) and prescription drugs cost 30% to 60% less in Mexico than the same medications sold in the U.S. Visitors can often use their own US-based major dental insurance provider there as well, further increasing their savings.
  • 2023 survey of expats in Mexico conducted by Far Homes found that 84% rated their experience very good or excellentGallup recently found that only 72% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare.
  • The average American living in Mexico saves $8,000 per year on healthcare. Many medical procedures such as blood work, x-rays and MRIs are less than half price in Mexico when compared to the US. This annual savings increases if more health services are used.

Rising medical expenses, exorbitant insurance premiums, and the high cost of prescription drugs have left many Americans struggling to afford the care they need. However, there is a solution that is increasingly gaining popularity among Americans: seeking affordable healthcare just across the southern border, in Mexico. The low cost of routine medical procedures and dental work, all while maintaining a high level of quality healthcare, can play a significant role in visitor’s decision to utilize Mexico’s doctors and hospitals. Over one million Americans did this last year.

Dental Care in Mexico: Savings of Up to 70%

Dental care is a significant component of overall healthcare expenses for many individuals and has been an attractive ‘tourism’ draw for an increasing number of Americans recently. In Mexico, dental work is not only affordable but also of high quality. An analysis by Far Homes found that, on average, dental work prices are 70% lower than in the US.

Dental Procedure
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Often Free
Root Canal
Full-Mouth Dentures
Dental Sedation
Tooth Extraction
Dental Implant
All On 4 Dental Implants
Full-Mouth Dental Bridge

One noteworthy advantage for Americans seeking dental care in Mexico is that they can often use their US-based dental insurance. Several dentists in Mexico are offering services in beautiful locations where the savings vs. the US could pay for your entire visit. Some even offer to pay for some of your travel expenses when you book a major dental procedure. Here’s a curated list of dentists that advertise taking American dental insurance today:

Dental Alvarez (Tijuana)
Ocean Dental (Cancun)
CDS (Cancun)
Dental Destinations (Cancun)
Dental Design (Cancun)

This means that not only do they benefit from the lower costs of dental procedures, but they can also offset their expenses further through insurance coverage. The combined effect is a substantial reduction in the overall cost of dental care, making it an attractive proposition for individuals looking to maintain their oral health without breaking the bank.

Prescription Drug Savings: 30-60%

The high cost of prescription drugs in the United States has been a contentious issue for many years. Fortunately, Mexico offers a solution to this problem as well. Prescription drugs in Mexico typically cost 30% to 60% less than the same medications sold in the United States. This significant price differential allows Americans to access the medications they need without straining their finances. Here are some common prescription drugs and a look at the price difference between US and Mexico:

Prescription Drug
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Adderall (30 tablets)
Insulin (1 vial)
Lipitor (30 tablets)
Advair (30 inhalers)
Humira (1 pen)
Metformin (30 tablets)
Atorvastatin (30 tablets)
Ozempric/Wegovy (ppen)
Zoloft (30 tablets)
Norditropin (15mg)
Genotropin (12mg)

Many individuals have turned to cross-border pharmacies in Mexico or online platforms to purchase their prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost they would pay in their home countries. This not only eases the financial burden but also ensures that people can continue to manage their health conditions effectively. We should note that there have been 
recent US warnings about counterfeit medications in Mexico so visitors should stick to reputable pharmacies.

Americans in Mexico are 12% More Satisfied with their Healthcare

The affordability of healthcare in Mexico does not come at the expense of quality. Most Mexican healthcare providers are very well-trained, and medical facilities are equipped with modern technology. In fact, some expats have reported that they receive even more personalized and attentive care in Mexico than they did in their home countries. International health insurance plans are also available to expat Americans in Mexico.

Beyond the cost savings, the quality of healthcare in Mexico is a key factor that draws Americans south of the border. A 2023 survey of expats in Mexico conducted by Far Homes found that an impressive 84% of respondents rated their healthcare experience as very good or excellent. This high satisfaction level underscores the quality of care available in Mexico. Most are also quite satisfied with their doctors (90% positive) and hospitals (65% positive) in Mexico as well.

survey healthcare satisfaction mexico

In contrast, Gallup recently found that only 72% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare, 12% less satisfied than expats we surveyed in Mexico. This disparity highlights the positive experiences that folks are having when they seek healthcare in Mexico.

Americans Living in Mexico are Saving an Average of $8,000 Per Year

On average, an American living in Mexico can save an astounding $8,000 per year on healthcare expenses. This is because, according to, the average American spends $12,914 per year on healthcare while the average expat in Mexico spends less than $150 per month ($1,800/yr).
 This figure is a game-changer for many families who may have been struggling to afford medical care back home. Your own medical needs may vary from these averages but here are some of cost figures for routine care which, on average in 75% less expensive in Mexico:

Treatment Type
Price in MX (USD)
Price in USA (USD)
Routine Checkup
$12 to $15
Complete Blood Work
$50 to $80
$24 to $30

Many routine medical procedures, including blood work, x-rays, and MRIs, are available in Mexico at prices that are less than half of what one would pay in the United States. These savings become even more substantial when individuals such as retirees require more health services, making healthcare in Mexico an attractive option for those with chronic conditions or ongoing medical needs. Some expats in Mexico find it beneficial to add additional, global health insurance to the mix for further savings.

medical expenses per month mexico

As individuals continue to seek affordable, high-quality care outside their home countries, the trend of medical tourism to Mexico is likely to grow, offering a viable and cost-effective solution to the healthcare challenges faced by many Americans today.


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