Top Cities in Mexico for Families & Kids


Mexico offers families with kids an immersion into the rich culture, unique surroundings, and diverse landscapes found there. Whether you are considering Mexico for a second home or relocation, it has many appealing factors for families. For starters, it is the type of destination that allows you to combine the feeling of a forever vacation with everyday life.

With the well-being of your little ones and balance for the whole family in mind, we’ve handpicked the best cities in Mexico for families with kids. Read on to find out which made the cut based on safety, affordability, and kid-friendliness.

Is Mexico Safe for Families?

Mexico is a country with a vibrant culture and equally bright people who radiate genuine kindness and care. But don’t just take our word for it! A 2022 survey conducted by Internations, the largest global expat network, reports 9 out of 10 expats living in Mexico being wowed by the friendliness of its residents. Mexico had also previously made the top ten for friendliness toward families with children, which probably has something to do with the fact that family is the number one priority in Mexican culture. Strong family ties are a deeply rooted value in their tradition, and whether you are making friends or hiring a babysitter, you can expect a respectful attitude and understanding.

In Mexico, just like anywhere else in the world, aside from potential petty theft, trouble is not likely to find you unless you are looking for it. Most Mexican destinations popular with tourists and expats are little safe havens. Use your common sense as you would anywhere else, and research your Mexico destination and neighborhood thoroughly.

Perks of Living in Mexico for Families with Kids

There are many reasons why families pick Mexico for their kids. The most common ones include exposure to an international community, cultural immersion, and language learning opportunities. But as for the whole family, affordability cannot be overlooked.

With a favorable exchange rate, it is easy to get more for your dollars in Mexico, especially if your family is big. Not only do families manage to maintain their preferred standard of living after their move, but many even enjoy an elevated lifestyle being able to welcome more luxuries. You are also presented with a larger variety of properties of different styles and prices to match every need and budget. Whatever you envision your family Mexico home to be, from a townhouse to a beachfront villa, it can be a reality.

The stable warm climate all year round is conducive to having a minimal closet tailored to one season. Yes, you can forget about layers and winter puffer jackets. And kids will love the feeling of freedom and sinking their feet in the sand any chance they get. 

Thanks to well-established expat communities in destinations throughout Mexico, there are many public and private schools in various languages, kids’ clubs, and activities to choose from. And excellent health care is a major draw in general, so you can rest assured that your little ones will be well looked after. Many museums, parks, tours, and restaurants accommodate kids. But if you would like to go for a night out, reliable babysitters are always an option. 

Now that we’ve got you convinced, let’s pick your perfect destination in Mexico.

Best Cities in Mexico for Families

Based on the perfect medium between excellent amenities, safety, and kid-friendliness, here are five places to consider when picking a city in Mexico for your family:

Los Cabos

With a reputation as a dreamy vacation spot, Los Cabos is actually a wonderful destination for families. The beaches all around the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula are abundant with unique marine life. “The Aquarium of the World”, as oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau called the waters of Cabo, will occupy your children for hours regardless of their age. The surrounding facilities and infrastructure offer all the amenities and comforts, so you can relax in the ocean breeze or practice your swing on world-class golf courses. The many water activities available in Cabo are also accompanied by vibrant festivals and cultural events throughout the year. And if your kids are older, you can enjoy family excursions to watch whales breach the surface, tour the Baja desert on ATVs or go on hikes.

Apart from amazing things to do for leisure, Los Cabos is also a popular destination for medical tourism, so you can have full confidence in local medical facilities. There are also great schools available from pre-kinder through high school, some of which are bilingual and even offer an IB curriculum.

Sayulita & Puerto Vallarta

The little surf town of Sayulita is a tucked-away paradise on Riviera Nayarit. Just an hour away from the ever-expanding tourist town Puerto Vallarta, tranquility reigns in Sayulita. But the former fishing village has plenty of amenities and comforts and a strong expat community. Most activities in town are focused around the ocean, with waves gentle enough for beginner surfers. But apart from releasing baby turtles into the ocean, standup paddle boarding, and hiking through the jungle along the coast, there are also yoga classes and a jiu jitsu club. Kids will burn off their energy, become enamored with the sport and instructors, and you will make friends with other parents watching the class. Or take the opportunity to enjoy some ‘me time’ by the beach.

Sayulita has a modern hospital, but you also have Puerto Vallarta’s state-of-the-art medical facilities just an hour away. The same goes for education if you prefer to branch out from the International schooling system offered in Sayulita. Any time you would like to return to the big city buzz, Puerto Vallarta will be your savior. Including doing any major shopping hauls, as Sayulita’s supermarkets have less variety.

Playa del Carmen & Cancun

Mexican crystal clear Caribbean waters and glistening white sand stretch for 150 km, dotted with many towns. But families tend to choose two in particular – Playa del Carmen and its neighbor Cancun. 

Despite being famed as tourist spots, Cancun has a residential community, and Playa del Carmen is a family-oriented town with a calmer atmosphere. The gentle Caribbean Sea is shallow and more kid-friendly than the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the country. You don’t have to watch your kids like a hawk the entire time and can actually enjoy the perks of living in paradise. Riviera Maya is abundant with fun things to do up and down the coastline as well as inland! From exploring the jungles, reef snorkeling, discovering archeological sites, bomb diving into cenotes, and spending days at world-famous theme parks, you will surely find an activity for the entire family to enjoy.

Both towns have international schools in various languages and education programs. In fact, apart from the capital Mexico City, Playa del Carmen offers the best schools in the country! Thanks to the influx of foreign expats and tourists, both cities are very developed and offer the latest facilities in all spheres. There is not much you will be missing from home.

Read our in-depth guides on these destinations and fuel your inspiration with the properties we have available.

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