Top Web Resources for Expats in Mexico

Mexico’s charm has attracted migrants from around the world for decades. Whether you’re lured by its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, or affordable cost of living, the journey to becoming an expat in Mexico is a rewarding one. To make your transition smoother you’ll need valuable resources and information as a newcomer. 

We’ve rounded up the best web resources for expats in Mexico looking to connect with other foreigners and travelers in the country or and other informative resources and perspectives:

Expats In Mexico: This comprehensive website is a one-stop-shop for expat life in Mexico. It covers everything from local news, lifestyle tips, to essential legal and financial advice. The active forums are a goldmine of personal experiences and insights shared by fellow expatriates.

Mexperience: Mexperience provides an in-depth understanding of Mexican culture, history, and customs. Their blog and guides are an excellent resource for gaining insights into the nuances of living in Mexico.

Loco Gringo: Loco Gringo began in 1996 and has been providing the Riviera Maya’s premier vacation rental marketplace ever since. The Riviera Maya is our home. We live here, raise our families here, and are excited to share our passion, interests and experiences with our guests. Check them out for rentals in the Riviera Maya area!

Mexico News Daily is your trusted source for comprehensive coverage of all things Mexico. Dive into the heart of this vibrant country with up-to-the-minute news, feature articles, and in-depth analysis. This is one of the only sites dedicated to Mexican news in English. Keep your finger on the pulse of Mexico with Mexico News Daily – the go-to source for all your Mexican news and insights.

Discover Baja: For those settling in Baja California, Discover Baja is the go-to site. It offers insights on the unique aspects of this region, including border crossing information and Baja travel resources.

Expats in Mexico Facebook Groups: While not a website per se, Facebook groups like “Expats in Mexico” and “Expats in Mexico City” are active communities where you can connect with fellow expatriates, ask questions, and share experiences. Here are a Expats Facebook groups to join:

Internations: Internations offers a platform for connecting with expats from all over the world. Their Mexico section includes forums, events, and expert guides.

Expatsi: Expatsi is your digital companion for diving into the expat life in Mexico. The platform offers a blend of essential services and community connection to help you smoothly transition to your new environment. With a range of services like visa assistance, housing, and healthcare support, it aims to untangle the complex threads of relocating. They’ve got a strong following on social media, as well if you prefer to learn on Tiktok or Facebook. Take their quiz!